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Intercity Logistics İstanbul

BSK Logistics; finished products, raw materials and semi-products within the boundaries of Turkey in complete or partial carries to be moved.

BSK Logistics transportation strategy includes the products of our customers; It is based on the delivery of the right information at the right time, at the desired place, at any time, undamaged and at the most affordable cost.

BSK Logistics plans the shipment of its products with its trained personnel, modern self-owned and supplier fleet, and ensures that it is delivered to its final point in a minimum time with the appropriate vehicle.

Şehirler Arası Taşımacılık İstanbul

Intercity Logistics Services

  • Container Transport,
  • Product Distribution,
  • Transport Between Warehouses,
  • Hanging Transport,
  • Gauge Transport.

BSK offers different service types according to transit times: Standard, Express, Super Express and Speedy.


In addition to the vehicles we have, our contracted supplier infrastructure provides all transportation models in our domestic transportation and distribution services according to the needs of our customers; We produce effective solutions thanks to our strong information systems infrastructure.

GREEN LOGISTICSWe aim to keep our future clean!

To reduce CO2 emissions and save fuel, we renew our vehicle fleet with new generation vehicles.

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