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Dangerous Goods Transport Istanbul

In the transportation of chemical and flammable dangerous goods; It carries out road transportation with its trained professional team and fleet without harming human health, animal health and the environment. Our vehicles required for dangerous goods transportation Istanbul; Equipped with flammable norms according to European norms. It is operated by our trained personnel with ADR and SCR 5 certification.

Tehlikeli Madde Taşımacılığı İstanbul

Dangerous Goods Transport Services

The transportation sector is a rapidly developing and renewing sector. We aim to provide well-equipped solutions to meet all the needs of our customers. Our company BSK Lojistik offers our valued customers its perfect service experience in this sector with advantageous opportunities.

Our company, which has all legal documents in the transportation of dangerous goods, carries your products safely, faster and more comfortably in specially protected sections. Our company, which offers partial transportation service, allows its customers to divide their loads on the same route into hazard class and transport them at low cost.

The design and design of the vehicles, all of which are fully maintained, are carried out by technical engineers. The interior of the vehicles produced with modern design machines adapted to the latest technology has been arranged in a way to eliminate negative situations such as leakage or contamination of the product.


In addition to the vehicles we have, our contracted supplier infrastructure provides all transportation models in our domestic transportation and distribution services according to the needs of our customers; We produce effective solutions thanks to our strong information systems infrastructure.

GREEN LOGISTICSWe aim to keep our future clean!

To reduce CO2 emissions and save fuel, we renew our vehicle fleet with new generation vehicles.

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