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What is Textile Transportation?

BSK Logistics; In domestic transport operations, we make safe deliveries with vehicles of all types and sizes within our fleet. By analyzing the commercial and logistic needs of our customers correctly, we are costing at the minimum level and we provide inland shipping services quickly.

What is Hanging Transport?

Suspended transportation, which has an important place in logistics transportation from the past to the future, is frequently preferred by textile companies today. The clothing sector, which is an important part of our lives, is highly developed in our country and with a structure that has proven itself in the world, it is also at the top in imports.

Our production companies, which are preferred in textile production and use, are quite in majority. In the transportation process, which is a part of our clothing production sector, which has an important place both in our country and in the world, providing service with the same quality has a very important place for us.

Askılı Tekstil Taşımacılığı İstanbul

Suspended transportation, which is preferred for the purpose of presenting the product to the consumer with the same care and order so that the clothes are not wrinkled and stained, is an important road transportation system for textile companies. We are honored to serve you with the pride of being a company that makes a difference with our suitable vehicles in the hanging textile transportation, which requires a very sensitive transportation.

Hanging Transport? Istanbul

As BSK Logistics, your hanger textile products are transported in our custom-made and European standard infinite hole system fleet. It is delivered to the address of the recipient as received. Thanks to special and dust-proof compartments, we carry them in your parcels besides hanging textile transportation service.

We deliver everything you can think of, such as trousers, jackets, skirts, to the recipient's address regularly, on time, without wrinkling. All your posts about textile; You can transport on hangers within the city and you can transport on hangers between cities. With the payments you will make according to vehicle type and km, your shipments will arrive on time, exactly as you wish.

Hanging Textile Transportation Services

We have an innovative structure that keeps pace with innovations and has proven itself in hanging transportation by presenting these innovations to you. We have a structure that you can act together in this process to get to know and improve our vehicles by sharing all information with you in a transparent structure in the transportation and transportation process.


In addition to the vehicles we have, our contracted supplier infrastructure provides all transportation models in our domestic transportation and distribution services according to the needs of our customers; We produce effective solutions thanks to our strong information systems infrastructure.

GREEN LOGISTICSWe aim to keep our future clean!

To reduce CO2 emissions and save fuel, we renew our vehicle fleet with new generation vehicles.

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